Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Workshop April 14th: "Captain Ahab and Giant Octopus: A Love Story"

Join us on April 14th at 6pm for a Writing Workshop with Free Pizza. (Click to RSVP on Facebook!)  Yes, that's right - we're having free writing with our pizza workshop.  As a bonus to enjoying some slices of cheesy goodness, you'll be developing realistic characters for your stories and poems, the kinds of characters who will stare back at your readers and say "leave me alone, reader - this is my life you're browsing through."

Finding the Voice in Your Writing
We don't think of Ahab as a lover.  Particularly not when it comes to mollusks.  But that's just because he's been misunderstood.  People have been so fixated on the white whale that they didn't stop to consider whether the man with the harpoon had feelings of his own.  On April 14th, we're going to set the record straight.

To do this, first we’ll expand the “vocal range” of our writing. From following dialects to exploring the twisted logic of fictional lives, we’ll dig deep to see what makes a character real.  Is is the wooden leg?  The way he peers over the gunwale with the intensity of longing?  We’ll tease out the complicated details that clutter human lives, and then refine those to find the thoughts and details needed to best tell the story.

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